Using groundbreaking technology, Green2x transforms natural leftovers to bioenergy on a global scale

Scaling Biofuel

Using groundbreaking technology, Green2x transforms natural leftovers to bioenergy on a global scale

Scaling Biofuel

Green2x will play a leading role in transforming natural leftovers to energy. Based on a groundbreaking, patented process, we take biomass waste such as straw and transform it into bioenergy – leaving only a fragment to be used as fertilizer. Using only leftovers, the sourcing of the raw material and the lack of waste make for a scalable process – making Green2x a notable contributor to the shaping of a greener future.

Scaling Biofuel

Our commitment

We take natural leftovers and turn them into energy – without leaving a trace. Based on a groundbreaking, patented process, Green2x develops, constructs and operates processing facilities that contribute to making our planet greener.

CO2 emission

Producing biogas based on straw, the use of a single feedstock and a fast fermentation process means lowering carbon emissions by 85 percent compared to conventional gas.

Scaling Biofuel

Our take on change

The process is simple – so is the idea. And yet it is new to the world. Using only leftovers, the sourcing of the raw material makes for a scalable process – making Green2x a notable contributor to the shaping of a greener future. The patented process is based on years of research.

Agricultural crop production leaves straw as a waste product. Straw is our single feedstock material, but all types of biomass can be used in our process.
The straw is collected in bales. Significant amounts of straw are not being collected and utilized today.
The straw is compressed into briquettes at high pressure to produce the structure needed for faster fermentation, and to improve logistics.
Advanced fermentation
The briquettes are applied in an advanced fermentation process generating groundbreaking biogas yields, due to high energy density per unit of feedstock and fast, consistent fermentation.
The biogas produced is upgraded to biomethane, which can be further upgraded to more advanced biofuels such as bio-methanol..
The products replace natural gas and other fossil fuels used in manufacturing and heavy goods transport or shipping.
Scaling Biofuel
and materials
and heat

Our future

Energy holds the key to our way of life. But today’s energy sources will not carry us to tomorrow. We need to rethink the way we do things and take a new approach to transport and production in a future that starts now. Green2x offers a scalable solution that will make sustainable energy accessible – not just for the few. Be it on the road, in the air, at sea or as part of any kind of production, energy sources need to change.

Scaling Biofuel

Our first site

At the port of Vordingborg, at the southern point of Sealand, the first production site is underway. Planning to process straw into green energy from 2025, the 100,000+ square meter facility will produce three times more biogas than what is at present the largest plant in the world. Green2x is currently developing projects both in Denmark and internationally and plans to expand globally before 2030.

Scaling Biofuel

Our team

Image of Mikkel Sjølin Kiil
Mikkel Sjølin Kiil
Green2x since November 2022
Working with sustainable energy was not new to me, but I believe Green2x takes the whole concept to a new level. I’m driven by the idea of contributing to the much-needed transformation – but also by the chance to be part of an extraordinary team.
Image of Morten P. Toft
Morten P. Toft
Green2x since February 2023
From almost zero to something very large on a global scale. That’s the trajectory I see for Green2x, and I had no doubt I wanted to be on board for this. Having worked with M&A for years, I sometimes asked myself why I wasn’t on the other side of the table – being part of building something from scratch. For me, it feels like being at the right place at the right time.
Image of Berit Hinnemann
Berit Hinnemann
Green2x since May 2023
Having a background in physics, I’ve always been fascinated by connecting technology with a strategic business approach. The green transition is a team sport, because so many factors and competencies have to be in place to make it happen on a substantial level. This is what Green2x represents for me. The right team and the right technology.
Image of Niklas Ahlefeldt-Laurvig
Niklas Ahlefeldt-Laurvig
Green2x since January 2023
Being part of creating something as part of a team of highly skilled colleagues was the attraction. When the task at hand, the people you work with and the purpose of your work are aligned, you usually succeed.
Image of Peter Stabell
Peter Stabell
Project Director
Green2x since November 2022
From the get-go, Green2x has put together a team to match the ambition of going large and global. I thrive with the empty box – developing something impactful from almost nothing. So I jumped at the chance of getting on board from the beginning. Now there’s a goal and a plan. Huge potential was what I was searching for. And I found it with Green2x.
Scaling Biofuel

Our movement

The need for change is constant. And so, Green2x is constantly moving. We share the milestones we reach and our latest news about Green2x on LinkedIn. Click below to join us.


  1. 2013


    First IP secured for new optimized biogas process.

  2. 2020


    Vordingborg BioFuel founded.


    Angel investors join.

  3. 2021


    Test plant in Foulum started.

  4. 2022


    Danish Energy Invest.


    Mikkel Kiil joins Green2x.


    Vordingborg Biofuel renamed Green2x.


    40 years lease agreement between Green2x and Vordingborg Port.

    Mikkel Kiil announced CEO.


    New investors join.

  5. 2023


    Local plan approved in Vordingborg.


    CFO and CCO joins.


    Full management team in place.